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3M™ Window Film Referral Agent Program

An invitation to help make life better for your customers--and for you.

Do you provide products or services to homeowners? Join the 3M™ Window Film Referral Agent Program today! You can offer your customers increased energy savings, glare reduction, enhanced privacy and security—and add a new stream of potential income for your business.

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Partner with 3M to enhance your revenue potential.

3M™ Window Films allow you to enhance ordinary glass to help homeowners address concerns about fading, hot spots, UV rays, glare, privacy and security—without limiting natural sunlight or restricting window views. These films come in different types and shades—sold by Solar Controllers, a Platinum 3M Window Film Dealer—that you can use to customize and improve the performance of your customers' glass products. Creating additional value for your customers through increased glass performance may allow you to command better prices for your products and boost your revenue potential. Remember, if your company is involved in any aspect of the home improvement field, 3M invites you to partner with us.

A partner you can trust.

  • No one has more experience with window film than 3M. In 1966, 3M received the first patent for window film.
  • For decades, 3M has remained a world leader in adhesive and film technologies. We’ll continue to conduct research and testing to help ensure our window film products meet your customer’s needs.
  • With millions of square feet of 3M Window Films installed around the world, we stand behind our products. 3M offers a limited lifetime warranty that covers both the material and labor should the window films need replacing. 3M also warrants against glass failure due to thermal shock fracture or seal failure.*
  • 3M Window Films are sold and installed by authorized 3M dealers who are professionally trained and certified to provide you the highest quality of workmanship and service.
  • With great consumer brands like Post-it®, Filtrete®, Scotch® and Scotch-Brite®, the 3M brand is recognized and trusted by 3 out of 4 homeowners.

How to get started.

It’s simple: For homeowners looking to purchase new glass with 3M™ Window Films, simply contact us at Solar Controllers for a quote and then sell them pre-filmed glass. To improve the performance of your customers’ existing windows, join the 3M Referral Agent Program and refer them to us. We'll provide a free estimate, perform all arrangements and labor, and then send you a check for 10%* of the project sales when payment is collected. It’s that easy.

*Minimum and maximum sales may apply. Please ask us about payment terms.

Fabrics, wallpaper, wood floors, photos and other valuables may fade when unfiltered sun shines through windows. 3M™ Window Films help protect your customers’ possessions from the three main causes of fading.All the comforts of home, protected. 

Your customers trust your expertise in home improvement. Now you can become even more valuable to them by offering a wider range of glass-related benefits:

UV and Fade Control 

3M Window Films are designed to block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays—a leading cause of fading in home furnishings. This dramatically slows the progress of fading to help keep your customers’ homes looking beautiful. In fact, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, window film is one of several recommended safeguards against UV damage.


When sunlight enters a room, the temperature rises and air conditioning starts working overtime. By blocking up to 79% of solar heat, 3M™ Sun Control Window Films help keep rooms at comfortable, moderate temperatures while helping to reduce energy costs.

Glare reduction

Watching TV or using a computer in a sunlit room can be frustrating. By significantly reducing glare, 3M Residential Window Films can help people work and relax without the eyestrain from excessive light.


Most homeowners love the aesthetics and views of their windows, but also desire privacy. Our reflective window films can help homeowners enjoy enhanced privacy, day and night.

Protection against unwanted entry

Made with thicker polyester and a more aggressive adhesive system, 3M™ Safety and Security Window Films can improve glass integrity on windows and doors to help deter unwanted individuals from entering. Unique aesthetics With over 50 patterns, 3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes can be layered or used alone, allowing homeowners to achieve virtually unlimited design possibilities at a fraction of the cost—and all while maintaining privacy and natural light.

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