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Replacement Windows

For those who want to upgrade or replace their windows completely, Solar Controllers offers Simonton Windows®, an Energy Star® partner. Experience the clarity and high-performance of windows which meet guidelines set by the EPA and US Department of Energy. Our custom process leaves you with a beautiful, energy-efficient, professionally installed window you will enjoy for years to come.

Benefits of New Window Installation

  • Protection during storms
  • Add extra insulation
  • Block UV rays which fade furnishings
  • Eliminate health risk of old windows
  • And more

Window Options

You get to choose from a range of different styles and advanced features. Custom hardware, frames welded for maximum strength, Low E/Argon-filled glass, and a choice of different colors: you get to own windows which completely match the style you want.

Doors with windows.

We even offer replacement doors with beautiful decorative glass that is also strong and safe. The doors in your home can have a strong effect on your home's energy efficiency. We make sure our doors are installed correctly to seal when they are closed. We are proud to offer strong and safe products that also look great!

Storm Windows

Florida residents are no strangers to the harsh weather which occasionally arrives during the summer months. Strong storms and high winds can cause a lot of costly damage to homes. Since windows can be the most vulnerable parts of a residence, it is important to have the proper protection in place. Fortunately, the Simonton StormBreaker Plus® windows lead the way in proven impact performance. The glass is double-strength and reinforced with steel. This results in an impact resistant window that can survive stringent building codes and can give you the additional protection you need during inclement weather. 

Window Insulation

Low E/Argon-filled glass: this inert, non-toxic gas is inserted between the two panes of the window. Low E (emissivity) Glass is glass with a transparent metallic oxide coating applied onto or into a glass surface. This coating allows certain types of energy in, while keeping out other types of energy from the sun (the kind that contributes to more heat in the home. Together (the coating in the Low E glass and the argon gas in between the two panes), they act as a cushion which insulates your home more efficiently. What this means is that your window is equipped to keep cool air inside in the summer, and keep cold air out during the winter.

The overlapping and interlocking meeting rail seals tightly to keep outside air or water from coming in through the window.

UV Ray Protection

In the same way that they cause damage to skin and nails, UV rays from the sun can also damage carpet, draperies, artwork, and other furnishings by causing them to fade. The Simonton Windows® offered by Solar Controllers, are designed to block 84% of ultraviolet rays. In turn, this level of UV protection helps extend the look and life of your furniture.

Lead Free

Eliminate the health risk of lead exposure. If you have a home constructed prior to 1978, you may be at risk. Friction from opening and closing these old windows, or deterioration caused by moisture and thermal exposure can create lead dust, which contaminates the household. There are many health risks associated with lead exposure. Merely painting or papering over lead-painted surfaces does nothing to rid your household of these dangers. Replacing the windows is the only way to permanently eliminate the risk of lead poisoning caued by lead-painted windows. 

Long-lasting Windows

Reduced condensation, increased insulation, and a durable long-lasting design provides confidence of window performance for years to come. These windows utilize a special U-shape design which flexes and contracts, reducing seal failure in the insulating glass unit. The excellently designed, vinyl windows are made to maintain beauty in any climate, and will never pit, peel, or flake due to weather. 

Comprehensive Warranty

It's good to know that a company believes so strongly in what they offer that they are willing to firmly stand behind their product. Simonton Windows® offers a comprehensive warranty which covers vinyl, hardware, screens, and insulating glass units. Additionally, warranties are transferable, which is a great selling feature for potential homebuyers. 

To learn more about the many features and benefits of the windows we offer, give us a call or fill out the short form below.