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Attic Radiant Barrier

Ever wonder how certain rooms in your home still remain hot even if they aren’t in direct sunlight? Chances are, it could be coming from the attic. Attics can be responsible for much heat transfer in your home.

Think about this. The sun is overhead the entire day. Radiant heat from the sun is hitting your roof, and that heat is absorbed into your attic. As your attic continues to get hotter, much of that radiant heat gets absorbed and transferred through the ceiling and into your living space where it affects your comfort.

Fortunately, you can do something about this! We offer a solution to combat this radiant heat. Attic Radiant Barrier. It’s easy to install and affordable. It makes a big difference in cutting down on cooling costs to increase your comfort at home.

Benefits of Attic Radiant Barrier

  • Reduces attic temperature
  • Cuts down on cooling costs 
  • Improves comfort 
  • Is ideal for hot climates

Reduce Attic Temperature

The technology involves an aluminum coating that is applied to the underside of your roof. The heat that is seeking to be transferred through your attic, ceiling, and living space is blocked.

By reducing this heat gain through the attic, your attic temperature ends up cooler by as much as 50 degrees! This is similar to having a giant shade tree instantly land in your yard.

Reduce Cooling Costs By Up to 30%

With your radiant barrier acting as a mirror (reflecting heat away from the attic) your AC gets to work more efficiently. Not only does the temperature radiating through your home decrease, but the temperature in your AC ducts goes down as well. These two factors come together to help you reduce your cooling costs by up to 30%. One of our goals at Solar Controllers is to help homeowners save the maximum amount of money on monthly utility bills by helping them reduce the amount of solar radiant energy entering their home. This is just another technology that our customers benefit from.

Improve Comfort This Summer

According to studies done by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), July 2012 was the warmest it had ever been in 117 years! (Source) Whether you have improved your home’s protection against the sun’s heat by installing new windows, window blinds, or window film, you can still take advantage of the benefits of attic radiant barrier. If you haven’t added any sun protection to your home, this would be a great start to enjoying a comfortable climate at home this summer.

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